Life after Death

Life after death proved

When we die, we don’t go to another place as most people believe, our body remains in the atomic frequency of matter, and our essence, our spirit changes of frequency, it goes to a different universal frequency. 

When man’s body dies, his spirit, his essence, unites a different universal frequency, different to the atomic temporal physical frequency his body lives in and belongs to. Man with his physical senses, can’t perceive the frequency where  the essence, where the spirit lives in after the bodies have died, because his physical senses can only perceive the atomic frequency of matter and present time and can’t perceive other frequencies that compose the Universal Integral Reality.

When we activate the universal sense, as a result of developing “Supreme BioUniversal” Energy, we can syntonize, enter contact and interact in the frequency where the so-called dead are, we can talk, touch, hear, an speak with them. Because one of the things BioUniversal energy does is liberate, separate our spirit, our essence, from the atomic frequency of matter and we can choose to travel to the Universal frequency of our choice.

As an example: If we listen to the radio on AM frequency, we can listen to all the radio stations that are on the AM frequency, but we can’t listen to any FM station. To listen to FM radio stations we must first change from AM to FM frequency. By this I explain that those who have died physically are not somewhere else, they haven’t gone to a different place, they are simply in a different universal energetic frequency. Man can only perceive with his five physical senses different sub-frequencies emitted by the atomic frequency of matter and time. In order to perceive the dead, we have to connect, syntonize and perceive the universal frequency they are living in, for it to be possible for us to contact, perceive and interact with them.

To tune into the frequency, contact and perceive who are physically dead, we have to know how to tune in, how to syntonize, how to connect and perceive the universal frequency where they live in obviously. A BioUniversal Guide is who can separate the spirit from your body and guide you on a universal journey to the frequency of your choice.

Thoughts energy

Man is like a radio receiving and emitting signals to different universal frequencies. Depending on where we direct our thoughts and feelings, is to which frequency we shall syntonize, connect and tune into. Depending on which frequency we direct our thoughts and feelings to, is where we will add our spirit to when our physical body dies and we leave it behind. We shall either join the low inferior universal frequencies, the middle universal frequencies, or the highest universal frequencies, depending on where we direct our thoughts, on where we syntonize our thoughts and sentiments to in our physical life, is to which universal frequency we shall magnetize and add our spirit to.

When the body dies, those who are magnetized to the highest universal frequency, are those who shall transcend, those who are magnetized to the middle or to the low inferior frequencies, shall add their spirit, their essence to them, they shall be swallowed by them, because in their physical life, they syntonized and magnetized themselves to them. When the spirit separates from the dead body, it unites to the frequency they magnetized their thought to in their physical life.

Life after Death

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Universal Transcendence

Man is untranscendent
Universal Human Beings are Transcendent 

Life after Death


To “Transcend” is to unite our spirit, to unite our essence, with the universal frequency of the eternal future, with the Universal Supreme Frequency.

The foundation for achieving this, is to develop a superior mentality, through a high vibrational frequency of thought. The only opportunity we are given for achieving this, is if we think positively with allot of love, and allot of wisdom, developing universal thoughts, universal knowledge and universal consciousness.


The spirit – anti matter and death


All physical matter and time are energetic waste of the higher universal energetic frequencies.

Man in his physical life, has the opportunity to develop transcendental dynamic intelligence, which  is deposited in him, to develop it and create his universal future.

Yes, in the present we can build our future, we can see and move in the future, because we have the intellectual and spiritual capacity to develop this aptitude. Our body belongs to the middle frequency of matter and time which is claimed by the inferior frequency of antimatter, that follows us, to swallow us. Our body is being pulled down, receiving signals from the superior frequency that shall catapult those of us who syntonize, connect and develop ourselves, towards universal transcendence, towards the universal future, towards the Universal Supreme frequency.

But what happens when we lose our spirit and essence by failing to develop our intelligence and universal consciousness? We shall be retained by matter: When we die physically, our bodies, our essence shall disappear, it will disintegrate, magnetized and absorbed by matter. Like when lightning strikes in a storm, it’s retained, its energy is swallowed by the earth. The same happens to all who haven’t developed universal intelligence and universal consciousness, their energy, the energy of their spirit shall be swallowed by the frequency of matter.

What will happen with us for not having developed ourselves ?

As explained shall be claimed and swallowed by the frequency of antimatter. Those who are magnetized to intermediate or inferior universal frequencies, create a power which fails to transcend, instead of being dynamic and able to break the atomic frequency of time and matter to go ahead towards the universal future, they will remain static and absorbed by the frequency of the past, by the frequency of antimatter, which is the most dense and the lowest inferior universal frequency of all.

When our body is still alive, our atoms move faster than those of a rock., our atomic energy is a higher and much faster dynamic energy than the energy of a rock or of an old log. When our body dies, it reaches the same state, the same atomic rhythm of a rock or of an old log, because the energy of our body becomes static, without any dynamic energy. When our body dies, it suffers an atomic condensation, heavier than we were alive. As we live and exist physically in an intermediate frequency, at a medium universal energetic level, and since matter is a condensation of the highest universal energetic frequencies, when we go down below the levels of the frequency of matter, we become much heavier than matter, our energy becomes slower than the energy of a rock or of an old log lying on the side of a road. 

Imagine us further down, reaching the frequency of antimatter, much slower than matter, denser than the density of matter. Imagine how incredibly horrible. Antimatter is a condensation still denser than matter, slower than matter, it is anti-dynamic, down there below in lowest  inferior universal frequency. 

The future and the past mixed together are the present.

Imagine what would happen to us if we became absolute past which is antimatter. Imagine our feelings and our brains paralyzed, our thoughts paralyzed, dense, absolutely dense, we couldn’t see, we couldn’t touch, we couldn’t hear, imagine what we could expect, worse than thousand of hell’s.

To avoid this, we must develop levels of supreme universal intelligence and consciousness and learn how to project ourselves to the future. Since our body belongs to and is claimed by matter, we must project ourselves to the frequency of universal future, to the Supreme Universal frequency, learning how to break and free ourselves from the frequency of matter that retains us.Separate our spirit from our body

This is the opportunity that human race has: To receive and develop BioUniversal Energy,  and be able to break the frequency of time and matter, separate the spirit from his body and project himself into the frequency of eternal future, towards Infinite Universal Transcendence.

Therein lies the importance of  receiving and developing BioUniversal Energy: in knowing or not knowing, in being or not being – in transcending or not transcending.

Life after Death

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